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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
9:55 pm
Romance: a medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, and the supernatural; a prose narrative dealing with imaginary characters involved in heroic, adventurous, or mysterious events remote in time or place; a love story; something that lacks basis in fact; a love affair; the romance languages

Chivalric love and adventure -- which most fairy tales, books, and movies have taught us to be the man saving the damsel; really, a hero saving one from someone evil. A man, the "good guy", saving the torn woman from harm. This leads us to the following: heroic, adventurous, dealing with imaginary characters.

Is that to say that chivalry is only in existance due to a male human performing his duty as his species? That men were put on the earth to rescue the damsel, the maiden, the girl in the third row of a classroom. I do not recall many women I have saved, but I can tear through my memory and share a list of females, platonic and--lovers (I refuse to say romantic), who have caught my hand when I have slipped; females whom I have no relationship with offer a hand, and heart, even when I have not asked; I have also come across some who neglect me, toss me aside, and insist that I am of no use to them.

Next, ..based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, and the supernatural
Is that to say that romance is a mirage? Is Webster officially stating that individuals who spend their classroom hours daydreaming of sweeping one off of their feet (to tickle, ofcourse ;) heh heh) are simply imagining an intangible ingredient of life? I have wasted many hours imagining what romance may bring to me, or what I can take from its fountain of imperfections that make up love and forever (or.. a period of time, anyway)

Maybe, in the course of our lives, when people, events, and the inevitible disappoint us, we need intangible resources to pick us up. Because one might not always be behind you, padded with bubble wrap (I tried to be funny ;) waiting for your graceful -- or abrupt -- thunk into them. I do not believe that a "romantic" love is for everyone, but I do believe that love is for everyone. There is a reason why "for everyone" contains "forever" ... love between you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, may not be meant for forever ... but there is love in a relationship that you will experience that will be.

And for those who are still looking, romance will confuse the hell out of you. Does it exist? For those whom doubt its existance ... I am here to reassure you that faith in romance will take you farther than neglecting it.

When we were children we believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny ... Some of us believe in God .. It is the intangible that require faith that we find gives us the motivation to face each day.

*Raises glass* Here's to Romance, beautiful, mysterious, and everything we make it to be.

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
9:21 pm
any friendly ticklish ladies out there?

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
10:59 pm
the beauty
a woman's laughter is intoxicating. the wrinkle in her nose as she strives to hold in laughter while her toes fold over her milky soles, as if trying to cover them up; the squeal she releases when you rake your finger nails over her soft arch as she bucks and screams; she opens her mouth to insist that you stop, but can only giggle, squirm, and try to escape your touch.

they love it. every poke, stroke, and torturous tickle session is implanted into their minds. enough that a simple wiggle of a finger in front of them widens their eyes --- but they smile nonetheless. they enjoy the surrender that takes place (as do we ;) even an unintentional brush of your fingers against her bare side catches her attention as she jumps (sometime exaggerated to catch your attention that she is, indeed.. sensitive? ;) heh heh) personally, i then look at wherever i came across and back at her with a knowing and.. devious smile. not to jump at the opportunity now, but to find the perfect spontaneous moment to stroke her... everywhere. in places where she never dreamed to be ticklish.

a stroke across her belly, a finger tip sliding over her arch, a wiggle of fingers under her arms when she stretches for something above her reach.. to see her shift abruptly and gasp.. to hear her giggle and confess her ticklishness..

tickling is a beauty, and her laughter ... thats what makes her beautiful

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